Waterview Cove in Big Bear Lake - Vacation Rental

Waterview Cove is located on Waterview Drive, a primary residential city street and one of the first to be plowed after a snowstorm. 

Owner provides a plow service that will plow the driveway and hand shovel the entryway to the front door after every significant snowfall*

The driveway is short, straight and south facing for optimal snow melting and winter access.  Entryway to house is covered;  garage is attached

There are plenty of opportunities for sledding right on the property

We are located approximately 8 mins from Snow Summit

* (Note snowplow services occur after the snowstorm has ended - while the service does its best to get to our house right away there will be time during a storm or shortly thereafter where the driveway has not yet been plowed)

For more information contact Steve at Owner@waterviewbigbear.com